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Hi, my name is Angela. I am the niece of Cheryl and Brian Miller who are victims of Hurricane Ian that occurred on 9/28/22 on Ft Myers Beach, FL. They have been residents for over 30 years and have a small home that was built in 1958 and has withstood many storms and hurricanes until Ian…..

Brian is an independent handyman who did home repairs for everyone on the island and would give the shirt off his back to help anyone. He and his wife Cheryl are the few working class residents left that did not have Homeowners insurance because it was so expensive and Brian could fix anything….So, they never imagined something of this magnitude or catastrophic event could happen. The only reason they are alive today is because Brian at 11:00 pm the night of 9/27/22, heard a voice within him say “GO NOW!!!” He told Cheryl, ” grab what you can, we need to leave.” She didn’t understand why he felt so strongly this time, because he had never left for any storm, but something was different and she trusted her husband. They gathered up their two cats and the clothes on their backs and left their home and life behind to run for safety. The truck, tools, clothes, home, everything is gone…..

They have not been able to get back on the island to see the damage of their beloved home due to so many deaths. However, even though the outlook is grim they are keeping their faith and hoping there is something left to go back to and rebuild. We are hoping to raise the funds to help replace Brian’s tools that were lost so he can go back to work as well as pay for bills so they can begin to rebuild their lives and home. I want to thank you for your generosity and appreciate any donation you can give…Thank you and may God bless us all

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Angela Oliver

With a fiery and passionate persona, this singer/performer/songwriter from Houston, Texas, moved to Nashville to follow her dreams and to further pursue her love of music.

She has shared the stage with recording artists such as; T. Graham Brown, Keith Burns of Trick Pony, Glenn Tubb, Richie McDonald of Lonestar, Jamie O’Neal, Larry Stewart of Restless Heart, Bill Kelly of The Buoys/Dakota, and several others.

Performing is all Angela has ever known and with an intense drive to always strive to be the best she could be and a commanding stage presence with powerful vocals, her talent stands out among many.

Although she has worked with accomplished artists, producers, engineers, and songwriters and has played all sorts of venues from small to large throughout her career, she has always remained humble and kind. Angela realizes that her music is a gift that God has given her and it is to be shared to help lift others.

Whether it’s a crowd of a hundred or thousands, Angela gives her heart and soul with every performance and never takes it for granted.

She has just finished her new album and it is a must have, you definitely need to download these amazing songs, so watch out for it because it will no doubt leave you awe struck and captivated. 

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Angela Oliver

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